Drop Shipping May Not be as Easy as you think


Drop Shipping May Not be as Easy as you think

Let’s face it. The vast majority of things found on Amazon can be easily copied by someone in China. Why? It’s because most of them that are sold in the US are produced there in the first place. So even if you’ve followed the best advice that you’ve been given, you can still get hijacked. Now the item might not be PRECISELY the same as yours. But a lot of times, , the product will be pretty close. And since Amazon doesn’t actively police these hijacked products very often, you will likely have to take the time to take down these other sellers one by one and lose money in the process.

Having said that, there are a few ways to drastically reduce the chances of getting hijacked. For starters, you can offer something completely different in your listing that is not mass produced or readily found on Alibaba. For example if you sell knives, you can have them come in a special personalized carrying case.

Another strategy is bundling. If you can bundle 2 different products together, the chances of getting hijacked are greatly reduced because the offender now has to source two completely different items to piggyback on your listing. For example, let’s say that you sell silicone baking sheets. Instead of listing silicone baking sheets by themselves, you might choose to bundle them in with silicone oven gloves at a similar price. It’s all very complex but INFINii is the best place to start learning Selling on FBA Amazon.

From the angle of the customer, these two items go together, which is good. But from the perspective of the copycatting seller, they now have to find these pesky matching oven mitts to go along with the silicone baking mats in order to hijack you. This method requires some extra work but will greatly reduce your susceptibility to being hi jacked. But again, a little bit of extra work can save you time over the long haul. Overall though, the best way to prevent hijacking is to avoid selling non-personalized, generic products that are readily available from China with no added value.

Selling on Amazon can really be a pain sometimes. But since Amazon remains the largest marketplace in the United States, it simply cannot be ignored. The key to being successful is to understand what to expect and have contingency plans in place when something bad occurs. And trust me, if you sell on Amazon long enough, something bad will some time or another,  happen to you.

It’s just a matter of time till that happens. And as you grow your Amazon FBA business, make sure that you branch out to your own branded website at some point and build your own loyal customer base.


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